Sunday, 2 August 2020

How to solve the problem of using 100% hard disk? By epic hackers

✅How to solve the problem of using 100% hard disk?

 🔰Sometimes you have seen Windows 10 crash severely. When you open the resulting task, you will see that the disk usage capacity is at 100%, without any convincing reasons.

 You should know that this problem is sometimes due to the structure of Windows 10 and how to use it

 How to solve this problem?

 Watch Windows To quickly search among designed Windows files, you should know that Windows 10 automatically indexes all existing files, and this can affect the performance of your system, so sometimes it is recommended that this feature be disabled.  Activate and do the search manually.

 How do I do this?

 1⃣ Press the Windows + R keys
 2⃣After running Run inside, type CMD and wait for the black screen or Dos to rise.
 3. Now type the following command into it
 net.exe stop "windows search"

 .Then check if the problem of using 100% of the disk is solved

  If it is not resolved, you must permanently disable it

 1⃣ Once again run Run
 2. Type Services.msc inside and press Enter
 3. In the window that opens, find windows search and right-click on it and select peroperties
 4⃣ Click on Startup Type and change its status from Automatic to disabled
 Finally, click apply
 5⃣ To reset, change the stop with start

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